Computer Repair

We realize that the computer has become an integral (and often frustrating) part of modern life. Lakona's is here locally to help with your computer problems, such as:

  • Broken Screens
  • Power Jack Failures
  • Data Recovery
  • Slow/Not Booting Computers
  • Hardware Installation
  • Networking and Internet Connectivity

Lakona Computers employs friendly certified computer technicians providing professional local expertise at reasonable prices. We service Linux, Mac, and Windows PCs and servers.

We'll need to have a look at your machine first, but most issues can be fixed for a $75 minimum rate (including the diagnostics fee, not including tax or travel). If a problem requires more in depth diagnostics, we will provide you with an updated estimate prior to performing any work that would cause fees to be significantly higher.

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The computer's maker (manufacturer) and model number are usually printed on the computer's case somewhere. On laptops, this is usually on the bottom, the part that sits in your lap.

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Broken Screen

A broken laptop.

The flat panel monitors built into laptops prove a common point of failure. While LED and LCD screens break often, they are usually not that expensive to repair. Depending on your laptop model, this can typically be fixed between $125 - $150.

Speed up Slow Computers

Windows 10 Animated Gif

The cost of speeding up slow computers varies, and often is dependent on the cost of new/replacement parts if needed. The benefits can be substantial though, and a PC or Mac can sometimes be serviced and/or upgraded for as little as $75.

Power Jack Failure

Jack on Motherboard

Another common laptop repair is to the power port. Most of the time the power jack can be fixed, and again the cost is relatively low. Depending on the model, after the labor and plus parts, we usually ask between $100 - $125.