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Lakona's core competency is in the management of business IT systems. Our IT Specialists have experience and expertise working in the enterprise environment, yet realize that business sizes, and the sizes of their budgets, vary widely and we aim to provide industry standard technical assistance and outstanding customer support to clients from single entrepreneurs to larger orginizations of 10 or more employees.

What would be ideal for most firms is a dedicated IT department on hand for whenever things go wrong, and staff to manage deployment, maintenance, and changes of servers, workstations, and the network; but the payroll reality can't justify employing people daily for these tasks.

This is where Lakona's offers its services. Our goal is to be your outsourced IT department keeping your systems running smoothly. With the right planing and implementations, a regular maintenance cycle, and remote support, we can become your organization's go to technical support provider.

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Mobile Integration

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Access your email, contacts, calendar and more with synchronized and secured cloud services across your entire organization.

Disaster Recovery

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Put in place the right software and hardware for your business to be able to recover quickly in case of a single machine failure or in the event of a major catastrophe.

System and Network Administration

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Remote Support

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